Welcome to the Enquiry Desk, an exhibition consultancy that focuses on the visitor's experience. We provide a service that defines the future of exhibiting. We believe in the public opinion as a tool for tapping the vast potential of exhibitions. The public speaks and we listen, for your convenience. This is how we create relationships with the public.
    Our surveys are digested, analysed and compared. This forms the base of our advice to our clients, ranging from art fairs, such as Art Rotterdam, to institutions such as the Tømtehytta Contemporary Art Gallery to the organisers of the temporary exhibition Remixing Relevance: Cheating Social Practice and the Juvenarte exhibition.

Please contact us for a consultation. Our team of exhibition researchers are ready to offer a personal consultation, where we look at all contributing factors, such as space, public population and correlations.

Cathrine Andresen
Exhibition researcher
+31 (0) 6 44311152

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